Check out Pulp Fiction’s Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman reunite behind the scenes at Broadway Production

In 1994, two years after Quentin Tarantino made his film debut tank dogsthe writer/director has achieved greater success for the masses with Pulp Fiction. Actors in the film include Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman, who respectively played Jules Winfield and Mia Wallace. After nearly three decades Pulp FictionAfter his release, these two actors recently met each other backstage in a Broadway production.

Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman met each other in the Broadway revival of August Wilson piano lesson, which is currently being shown in pre-shows at Barrymore Theatre. Jackson stars in the play alongside John David Washington and Danielle Brooks, and it is directed by Jackson’s wife, Latania Richardson Jackson. Naturally, this encounter did not go unnoticed by the people close to you, so check out this photo of the actors lounging on a backstage staircase.

(Image source: (Photo by Noam Galai/WireImage))

This encounter comes more than half a year after Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman presented the Best Actor Oscar at the 94th Academy Awards with John Travolta, who played Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction. While it’s nice to see Jackson and Thurman pair up together again, it’s worth noting that the two didn’t share any actual screen time together on Quentin Tarantino’s sophomore outing. The two were rigidly bound together by Vincent Vega, who was tasked by his boss and Jules’ boss, Marcellus Wallace of Ving Rams, to look after his wife during his absence.

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