Italy’s true colors take sales on ‘weirdness’ ahead of MIA Rome

Italian sales company True Colors acquired the international distribution rights to Roberto Ando’s “La Stranezza” (“Strangeness”), and topped Toni Servillo (“The Great Beauty”) as the Nobel Prize-winning playwright Luigi Pirandello.

This epic piece from the tragic period on how Pirandello found inspiration to write his masterpiece Six Persons in Search of an Author will launch from the Rome Film Festival and simultaneously have its market premiere at the upcoming MIA Market in the Eternal City, which runs October 11-15. .

Starring alongside Servillo are the famous Sicilian comedy duo Salvo Ficarra and Valentino Picone, known in Italy as Ficarra and Picone.

Strangeness is set in 1921, the year Pirandello returns to Sicily to celebrate the 80th birthday of his mentor, famed novelist and playwright Giovanni Verga.

Upon arriving in the city of Agrigento, the playwright becomes captivated by a world inhabited by strange characters, ghostly visions, distant memories and sad apparitions, all of which inspire him to write Six Characters, the play that marked a milestone in the twentieth-century world theater.

The new work by Andò – the veteran Italian author who previously worked with Servillo on “The Confessions” – is produced by Bibi Film, Tramp Limited, RAI Cinema and Medusa, which will release Strangeness in Italian theaters on October 27.

For True Colors, Strangeness marks Andò’s second collaboration after they grossed over 20 territories on The Confessions, which starred Daniel Auteil alongside Servillo, and went to Karlovy Vary.

True Colors, headed by Gaetano Majorino, has also sold popular comics Ficarra and Picone’s “It’s the Law” to more than 15 countries.


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