Fallout 76 New Nuka-World Update Preview

next fallout 76 A big update focused on The Pitt, Bethesda is ready to start previewing what’s coming next with the Nuka-World on Tour update now heading to the game’s test servers. Like the additions included in The Pitt, this update will introduce new content while also doubling as a callback to some of the more popular parts of previous Fallout experiences. That’s the Nuka-Cola brand that’s always in this state with the Nuka-World update set to go into testing on October 13.

Bethesda has talked about the Nuka-World on Tour update several times in the past, but for those who haven’t kept up with all the news, the latest Inside Another Vault From fallout 76 The creators gave a brief overview of what was planned. There’s the Most Wanted event where players take part in a penalty shoot-out in the Old West, a love tunnel that certainly looks neither empty nor in love, and a wheel that is being spinned to hold rewards for whoever can beat its challenges.

A pass will be added naturally as part of the Nuka-World celebrations where players can play mini-games for points redeemable for rewards, and there is also something called “Ultracite Titan” which players will have to make better.

“Pete has been working hard to fix the air filters all over the carnival, but the parts he needs are scattered deep in the ground in an abandoned mine shaft,” Bethesda said. “He is also convinced that an enormous creature has settled down there. Pete hopes that some excited residents will be able to investigate, then launch an attack powerful enough to blast the villain to smithereens from afar. However, those undertaking this dangerous task must put Keeping in mind that if the beast survives, direct confrontation with the beast will be inevitable.”

Aside from the Nuka-Cola content, the update will also provide a convenient free camera feature when players build things in their CAMP settlements. As the name suggests, this will allow players to see things outside of their character’s perspective by flying around the building area and through objects to make sure you have all your components and create places with the precision you want.

fallout 76 The Nuka-World on Tour update hits test servers on October 13th.


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