Jade Cargill retains the AEW TBS title but stole it from Nyla Rose in Battle of the Belts IV

AEW’s Battle of the Belts IV started with a main match for the All-Atlantic Championship, then it’s time for Jade Cargill to defend the TBS Championship against Willow Nightingale. Nightingale put in a brave effort and challenged the bad guys feature of the numbers, but she couldn’t quite beat Cargill, who would nail her and retain her TBS championship. This leads to the unexpected appearance of Nyla Rose, who stole Cargill’s nickname and ran away with her. Kargil and the bad guys will follow her and try to track her down, but for now it looks like Kargil will be without her title for a while despite still being a champion.

Cargill pushed Willow back into the corner, then they closed again and gave Willow back. They were locked up again and crashed into a stalemate, but Cargill pushed Willow down to the mat and then crashed into a corner kick. Willow came back with a Dropkick rifle and then struck with more hits before delivering a heavy blow and cover, but Cargill was sent off.

Kargil stopped her momentum with her back elbow but she dodged Kargil’s movement and pushed her out. She then dived into the bad guys but Kargil got out of the way. She was still eating a punch from Willow but then Cargill picked her up and hit her face first on the steel stairs.

Cargill sneered a bit and then pressed Willow into the ring, but she was only able to stand on her own two feet to back out. Cargill then grabs her again to her opponent, but Willow will eventually get back on her feet and come back with great humiliation, including a slick move that sends Cargill crashing into a corner.

Willow delivered a cannon piece and a cannon piece and then connected a kick of the top rope into the casing, but Cargill was fired. Cargill missed a big kick but hit Willow down and then hit her again for the pin and win.

Cargill retained her TBS Championship but then Jackie Guerrero came out and messed things up, allowing Nyla Rose to come in and grab the TBS Championship title and run away with her. Kargil seemed visibly upset and chased, and now no one knew where the address was.

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