Adds Fortnite X-23 with Adamantium Claws to the Item Shop

fortnite Marvel hero X-23 has been added to the game via the Item Shop. fortnite It’s basically a big virtual toy box at this point. What started as a competitor to pubg The somewhat unsuccessful tower defense game quickly became the standard that the world’s largest franchises sought to achieve. With its ability to curate left and right crossovers with other games like Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and other massive franchises, fortnite He had a very attractive gimmick and fun gameplay that attracted a lot of players. Her use of these crossovers along with the relatively innovative battle pass model was huge and changed the way a lot of online games build themselves. To make things even better, the game regularly adds lucrative eclectic skins that players can purchase for a limited time.

The latest addition to the Item Shop is X-23, Wolverine’s biological heir and daughter. The character has been in the comics for some time now, but has been famously introduced to a wider audience and is more popular in Logan. The character has been added to the Item Shop with some extra goodies, including her steel-coated claws (just like Wolverine himself). Below you can see the full details of what’s in her skin.

  • ZX-23: Clone Weapon X and the successor to Wolverine’s cloak. (Includes alternate style without mask.)

  • clone back bling pod: Cradle of the perfect weapon. (Included with X-23 costume).

  • X-23’s Adamantium Claws Pickaxe: structural accessories sheathed with semi-indestructible metal.

  • X Insignia Wrap: Get with the program.

fortnite It comes to the knee in its fourth season of Chapter 3 which saw the addition of other Marvel heroes like Spider-Gwen to fortnite. There will likely be a number of other characters coming to the game in the coming months, especially with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever In sight. Maybe we’ll get the new Black Panther skin or the Iron Heart, but it’s too early to say for sure!

What do you think of the X-23 skin? Let me know in the comments or hit me up TwitterCade_Onder.


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