Saturday Night Live Roast Mario Voice by Chris Pratt, Elon Musk

The second episode of the program Saturday Night Livenew season Shot the voice of Chris Pratt in Super Mario Bros movie and Elon Musk. The cold opening of last night’s SNL episode (hosted by Brendan Gleeson, with musical guest Willow) took the form of a game show called So you think you won’t merge. The premise of the show is that the news and the world, in general, puts everyone on edge, and people are losing their fantastic audience at an alarming pace. So you think you won’t merge He gathers a few lonely people who haven’t taken pictures and test their composure, bombarding them with headlines until they break up.

“Have you noticed that everyone around you is angry and crazy?” The host begins Morgan Frigerle, played by Bowen Yang. “People are turning on the target, the stabbing is back and the only thing that can make us happy is watching an exciting show about Jeffrey Dahmer. We live on the edge of a cliff, and tonight I’m here to push us forward as we play So you think you won’t merge. “

Headlines have ranged from the Herschel Walker abortion scandal to kids wanting to grow up to be an influencer to Kanye West. One contestant, Kayla (Chloe Feynman), hangs out there for a while. Then Freegirl played a clip from the recently released trailer for Super Mario Bros movie Pratt’s voice appears as Mario.

“It’s supposed to be Italian!” Kayla shouted from Feynman. “That’s like everything!” Then I got used to the flight attendant standing next to her, who was introduced by the game show for this moment.

Kenan Thompson Dale does much worse. Despite his confidence in it, all Freegirl has to say this week, Elon Musk… “Before Dale loses his temper and smashes the glass items placed on the table in front of him.” This guy needs to shut his mouth! “The old rich guy talks about going to Mars, well, take your ass to Mars then!”

Last night Saturday Night Live It was also surprisingly featured by Colin Farrell, who co-stars Brendan Gleeson in the new movie. Ichiren chant. Viewers also liked Ego Nwodim’s look as Ariel from the little Mermaid In this week’s Weekend Update section.

Saturday Night Live His new season kicked off last week with host Miles Tellar and guest musician Kendrick Lamar. Next week, Megan Thee Stallion is doing double duty as host and musical guest.


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