FX sets date for premiere adaptation of Octavia E. Butler

On Sunday, the last day of New York Comic Con, FX announced the premiere date of its upcoming series, which is adapted from the beloved science fiction novel by Octavia E. Butler. Type. All eight episodes of the series will premiere on Hulu on Tuesday, December 13. Soon, it will be available internationally on Star+ and on Disney+ within the Star sub-group in international territories. The announcement came during a Kindred session. The show featured Branden Jacobs Jenkins and members TypeCast, including Mallory Johnson, Micah Stock, Gayle Rankin, Austin Smith, David Alexander Kaplan, Sophina Brown and Sheria Irving.

Type It follows Dana James (Mallory Johnson), “a young black woman and aspiring writer. She uprooted her life from familial commitment and moved to Los Angeles, ready to claim a future she feels, if only for once.” However, as the story begins, Dana finds herself caught in a violent rush and pulled back and forth in time. She appeared on a 19th century farm attached to her family. As Dana travels through her past and present, an interracial love story emerges and she is forced to deal with newfound family secrets.

Mallory Johnson leads the cast as Dana James. Type It also stars Micah Stock as Kevin Franklin, Ryan Kwanten as Thomas Whelen, Gail Rankin as Margaret Whelen, Austin Smith as Luke, David Alexander Kaplan as Rufus Whelen and Sophina Brown as Sarah. Sheria Irving as “Olivia”.

Type Adapted from the critically acclaimed 1979 novel Octavia E. Butler. Writer/model Brendan Jacobs-Jenkins has adapted the story for television and executive produced the series with Joe Weisberg, Joel Fields, Darren Aronofsky, Ari Handel of Protozoa Pictures, Courtney Lee Mitchell, Jules Jackson, Maisha Clauson and Ernestine Walker. Janicza Bravo has directed the pilot and serves as executive producer. FX Productions produced the series.

I read it for the first time Type 20 years ago, Bravo said in 2021, after receiving the pilot’s order. “I was in college. I’ve never seen myself in a world like this. And certainly not in its center. What may seem like just an image of an invisible woman is also a powerful embrace of our relationship to history and how it can bring us closer to our future. After what I feel has been lost over a year of My life, which I have known so well, has been an opportunity to direct an adaptation of this specific script as a win. Furthermore, partnering with Branden is something I have been wanting for some time.”

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins did a great job adapting Type For FX and honoring the legacy and timeless value of Octavia Butler’s groundbreaking novel, “Nick Grad, FX’s Head of Original Programming, said when FX ordered Kindred to deliver the series in January.” The pilot directed by Janicza Bravo is fantastic and we can’t wait to resume production with this incredibly talented and dedicated actor.”


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