The Gathering announced a shocking ban on one of its most popular cards

Magic: The Gathering She just banned one of her most powerful and famous cards in an attempt to alter the balance of power in the Standard Format. Since the release of United Dominaria Group, the black decks, particularly the mid-range black decks, dominated the format. The dominance of color is so great that decks with no black cards are completely taken out of format. One of the main black cards was the Meathook Massacre, a powerful card that can clear the board of creatures and prepare a number of strategies by wrapping around them as permanent magic. The Meathook Massacre has been a staple in the black decks since its debut Instrad: Midnight Huntbut is now banned in standard play.

“Such as [Standard] The shape has settled into place, and the black has proven strong and prolific, and forms the basis for many of the lofts, ” Magic: The Gathering Developer Ian Duke writes in The admin has blocked and reduced the ad. “Despite this commonly shared color, we’re seeing good variety between competitive decks and strategies, and player interaction with the format has been healthy.

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“To provide a small boost to the rate of black playback between competitive decks, we choose to block a single black card. We discussed many different options, as not a single black card stands out as a significant external force played by all black-containing decks. Ultimately, we decided that Ban The Meathook Massacre was the best choice, as it’s one of the most powerful black cards in shape, is particularly strong against certain archetypes (the decks depend on a lot of small creatures), and has taken its time to shine at the standard for over a year.” He concludes by saying a card in the next Brotherhood war The group should help diversify the standard.

In addition, the Wizards of the Coast have banned Yorion and Sky Nomad, a popular companion card from Ikorea: the lair of the Behemoths group, of modern form. This ban is due in large part to the way the card slows down play and creates frequent triggers, along with the usual game balance concerns.

(Photo: Coastal Wizards)

“Yorion is commonly featured as a companion to Omnath’s four-color combos, which shows a strong win rate and, according to our match data, is likely to continue to rise in popularity,” Duke writes. “In addition to the concerns of balancing the game with the deck, we also take into account the physical skill requirements of playing with a large deck deck. We are concerned that the metagame will reach a point where players are playing deck due to the perceived strength and win rate despite not enjoying how difficult it is to run” .

These bans are effective immediately on the table Magic: The Gathering And the Magic: Online Gathering. Will come into effect in Magic: The Gathering Arena With the next update on Thursday.



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