Myanmar ‘Future Laobans’ wins Busan award in Asian project market

The “Future Laobans” project, directed by Maung Sun and produced by Maung Sun and Ma Aeint, won the Busan Prize, the highest award in the Asian project market, on Tuesday.

The awards were presented at an event at the Paradise Hotel in Busan’s Haeundae district at the end of three days of fast-paced meetings between producers, directors and a range of potential producers, financiers and distributors. Organizers said they have collected 705 such one-on-one meetings.

The CJ ENM award went to the Indonesian film “Gaspar” directed by Yosep Anggi Noen and produced by Yulia Evina Bhara and Cristian Imanueli.

The Taiwan-sponsored TAICCA Award went to Afghani Roya Sadat for “Sima Song” which is currently being organized as a co-production between producers in francs, Spain and the Netherlands.

The Japan-sponsored VIPO award went to “Land of Brothers” by Raha Amir Fadli, a joint venture of France, Iran and the Netherlands.

The Lotte Cultureworks award went to “Yom Dong Kyung,” directed by Korean Kim Sin.

Another Korean award from Kookmin Bank went to Lim Jeongyeon’s “Something About Us.”

The Nutrilite Award went to People’s Violence, directed by Mori Tatsuya and produced by Kobayashi Sanshiro.

The Sorfond Prize, supported by the Norwegian Fund for Southern Cinema, went to “Diavanos” directed by Dornaz Haja and produced by Isabel Glashant.

The Pop Up Film Residency award went to “Erinyes,” directed by South Korean director Jung Wonhee and produced by Jero Yun.

The ARRI award went to two projects: Singapore’s “The Sea Is Calm Tonight” directed by Le Bao and produced by Lai Wenjie; The Japanese movie “My Sunshine” is directed by Okuyama Hiroshi and produced by Nishigaya Toshikazu.

Konchak’s award went to Nicole Midori Woodford for “Last Shadow at First Light,” which was produced by Jeremy Chua.

The MONEFF award went to “Loop Out” directed by Kim Dukjoong and produced by Jung Hyunjung.

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