TJ Miller updates Deadpool fans on what happened after his comments about him being unhappy on the set that went viral

While Wade Wilson and Weasel shared an amusing (and dirty) dynamic with each other in the first two dead list Movies, last week TJ Miller said his relationship with Ryan Reynolds wasn’t close to amicable. The Silicon Valley The star opened up about being unhappy on dead list group and claimed that Reynolds “hates” him, which factored in his decision not to return to him Deadpool 3. After Miller’s comments went viral, he provided an update on his position now with Reynolds.

during his visit to SiriusXM’s Jim Norton and Sam RobertsTJ Miller shared with the title hosts that Ryan Reynolds contacted him after his comments about dead list Comments scattered all over the media, and the two seem to be on good terms with each other now. As Miller said:

It was really cool. He emailed me the next day and kind of said, and it was a misunderstanding. So I emailed him and now it’s ok.

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