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Errol Flynn was a notorious fencer in Hollywood, and not only did he appear on screen in many of his arrogant films. Heart of the Beloved was famous for making the most of his good looks and fame. He is known to have had holes in the door and two-way mirrors installed in his bathroom and bedroom and became notorious in industry for his lewd parties. One day, he even ‘played’ You Are My Sunshine on the piano using his great talent. So he was shocked and angry when he was his teammate The remembrance The star dared turn it down after going blatantly late into the night. Incredibly, she was one of England’s greatest screen legends.

Flynn and his partner in crime David Niven had two of Hollywood’s biggest sexual impulses. The latter, although generally seen as a fairly proper Englishman, himself admitted that “my erection was stronger than my soul”.

In 1938, the two stars light up the screen in the national morale booster The Dawn Patrol about heroic British pilots in World War I. The reality was very different.

Acquaintance with sister spirits, in the same year, the couple set themselves up together in a house where they could indulge freely.

Flynn was already a major star after Captain Blood in 1935, and the duo starred together in The Charge of the Light Brigade in 1936.

Niven’s career was also booming rapidly. He gave credit to British actress Merle Oberon, with whom he lived during his early years in Hollywood. In addition to teaching him the profession and industry, she wanted to marry him – but the young actor was already very much enjoying various affairs and did not want to be tied up.

He later said, “I have quite a bit of regret. One of the biggest things is not to marry Merle when I had the chance…but I couldn’t get enough when I was young.”

Needing to get out of Oberon’s house, they took the opportunity of freedom and fun with Flynn, and they set up the house together.

The double screen rented a home together on the coast that Niven called ‘Cirrhosis-by-the-Sea’ in honor of the booze, parties, and sexual adventures that took place there.

It was a match made in heaven, until one shocking night that ruined their friendship forever.

Biographer and friend Michael Mann later recounted that Niven told him, “We finished making The Dawn Patrol and were celebrating our success with two girls, and after we sent the girls home, Flynn…well, hold me…where a guy wouldn’t expect to be caught by another man.”

What happened next destroyed their close friendship forever.

Niven added, “It’s the kind of thing that schoolchildren can do, and I just felt like it was time for him to really grow up, and I told him that, and he said, ‘Come on, sports, you and me, we’re friends, and there’s nothing wrong with two friends having some fun together. “

“And then he tried to catch me again. I had no idea where this came from. I told him he had to grow up and I was heading home, and he got pretty bad and almost spit in anger.

He yelled, ‘I think you’re the one who should grow up, Niven. This is Hollywood. People here are fake. They practice anything that moves. What makes this king different? “

Niven moved abroad and soon fell in love and tried to settle down with his first wife, Premi Rollo. They married in September 1940, while the actor was on active military service during World War II. They were soon followed by two children, David Jr. in 1945 and James in 1945.

However, my uncontrollable sex drive never subsided: “I was an idiot. When we were apart during the war, it was so easy to have sex with other women who wanted to go to bed with a Hollywood movie star. No more than 16 but I’ve been insatiable, you see – I’ve always been. It’s a terrible flaw in me. I can generally forgive myself, but betraying the best wife ever to a man was unforgivable. I knew it at the time, but my erection was Stronger than my soul, if you will pardon the vernacular.”

Flynn found his career in crisis in 1942 when two underage girls accused him of rape. Although he was acquitted, the public trial damaged his Hollywood career. At the age of 50, he died in 1959 due to financial difficulties. The pathologist included a blood clot on the heart and significant liver damage.

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