Gotham Knights creative director teases ‘no shortage’ of Easter eggs

Gotham Knights It will have a large number of Easter eggs for players to discover. Easter eggs are a huge part of many video games. Sometimes it’s weird and ridiculous like Conan O’Brien and Andy Richter voicing the Marines on a spaceship. Halo 4. Sometimes you can be teasing things related to the story of the game or even a future game. The Batman Arkham series is very famous for its Easter eggs because it contains a lot of nods to various villains, DC heroes, and more. Batman: Arkham Asylum A hidden room that can only be discovered by blasting a very specific and totally unnatural wall. In that room lied plans for what would become Arkham City, giving fans a taste of what the sequel would be like. similarly, Batman City He had an Easter egg that confirmed that the scarecrow was alive and was planning something sinister, which ended up being a plot. Batman: Arkham Knight.

However, it is not surprising that Gotham Knights It contains a lot of Easter eggs and some of them are related to the basic themes and the story of the game. When speaking to, Creative Director Patrick Redding confirmed that there is “no shortage” of Easter eggs in Gotham Knights. The game version of Gotham City has been designed with environmental storytelling in mind, ensuring that the team has the ability to place all kinds of interesting coins. Knowing that the game is about the court of owls, the team also managed to craft 400 years of history for Gotham City and show it to the world.

“So there’s no shortage of Easter eggs in the game, I can tell you right now,” Reading said. “Giving an extensive breakdown of that would be nearly impossible. What I will say is, it is no secret that our Gotham City has been designed in a very intentional way to present a lot of environmental stories.

“We wanted to make sure that people come in and appreciate that it’s a city that has history, that they live in it, that people still inhabit it, but also a lot about the story of the Court of Owls that hinges on the fact that Gotham has this 400 years of history that has built up over the course of building new towers and adding new neighborhoods. Expansion and all that.

“And so, that gave us this wonderful painting that we can then include a lot of other things on. And so there are many, many references, sometimes old banners and posters, things that are on the wall and things that are on the marquee of a theater, on a street, on Park Row, I think the fans Fanatics will recognize and appreciate him.”

What kind of Easter eggs do you want to see in it Gotham Knights? Let me know in the comments or hit me up TwitterCade_Onder.


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