Major Marvel Cameo Explained to She-Hulk Season Finale

Season 1 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law It ended Thursday — but not before it revolutionized the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the process. The live-action series was no stranger to taking a disrespectful and surprising approach to Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany) lore, aided by her ability to break the fourth wall. The ending took it in a brutal new direction, while also providing a cameo that Marvel fans had to see to believe. Spoilers for Episode 9 of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, “Who is this offer?” , below! Just see if you want to know!

In the middle of the episode, with the fight between Jen and Intelligencia increasingly intense and full of life, Jen openly expresses her frustration with how all the action came to a head. Using her ability to break the fourth wall, Jen literally climbs from her Disney+ roster icon and gets into collage A behind-the-scenes documentary takes her to “our real world”. After encountering the She-Hulk writers’ room while in the Marvel lot, she is directed toward Kevin – the mysterious character who is supposed to be behind the MCU’s decisions.

After a fight, Jen gets to Kevin – or more accurately, KEVIN, a robot with an outer shell that looks like a baseball cap. KEVIN – whose name stands for “Knowledge Enhanced Visual Interconnectivity Nexus” – is the architect behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, initially swooning over the idea of ​​Jane wanting to change the ending of her story. After debating back and forth (and Jen points out some common complaints about the MCU, from the unpredictability of its endings, to the lack of sex scenes, to paternal issues between its male characters) KEVIN finally agrees to let Jen rewrite the story on her terms. She then returns to the MCU, tackling the conflict on her own terms.

Who is Kevin?

For those who are even remotely aware of the ins and outs of the MCU, the name Kevin probably made them immediately think of Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige. KEVIN is clearly meant to be a dispatch for Feige himself, from the baseball caps he wore almost exclusively in public, to his incredibly clever style of calling various MCU characteristics. While it’s unclear if Feige voiced KEVIN himself, the credit does not appear to be included in the show’s credits. Either way, this is definitely the biggest appearance or reference to Feige the MCU has ever had.

Throughout She-Hulk’s history, she has been no stranger to crossing paths with – and ultimately winning – the creators telling her story. The Sexy She-Hulk Her era often showed her walking to Marvel offices and expressing her opinions to (or about) John Byrne, who was writing and drawing the title at the time. Renee Witterstaetter, who was also editing the title eventually made several great appearances as well, and eventually helped Jen find a new creative team when Byrne was taken out of the title in Sexy She-Hulk #50.

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