Sonic the Hedgehog leak reveals a new Sonic frontier battle

new vocal boundaries The trailer was released this week, but not officially. Sega apparently put one out a little ahead of schedule before taking it offline, but not before people could pick it up and re-upload it themselves for others to see. For those of you who have been looking forward to Sonic the Hedgehog or at least eager to learn more about it, you’ll be happy to hear that this leaked trailer focuses on combat, an essential part of the Sonic game that only existed. He talked about it intermittently in the past.

You won’t find this trailer hosted via Sega or Sonic the Hedgehog social media yet (at least, not until it’s officially released), but others like the user below have uploaded it to YouTube and other platforms. It’s scored in just under four minutes of footage, and it’s all about the fight.

The only thing that will differ even for Sonic players who have stuck with the series for a long time now is the addition of a skill tree in which players can progress to give Sonic different movies. Sonic will naturally start some moves to help him at first.

The trailer explained: “For the first time, Sonic has a skill tree filled with new, exciting and powerful abilities to learn.” To unlock new skills, you’ll need to collect enough skill pieces from fallen enemies and breakable items around the islands. Sonic also has his standard move set including Homing Attack, Drop Dash, and Stomp at the start of the game.

We already know from the past that a Super Sonic power-up will be in the game, and it looks like this and other skills invested will be necessary to take on enemies as players progress. The trailer goes on to explain that the enemies found on Kronos Island are “nothing compared to those on the later islands.”

Overruns, counterattacks, and more special moves take out the rest of Sonic’s arsenal, so expect to see those shown in more previews before the game’s scheduled November release date.



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