The best Boo levels in the Super Mario series

Boo, is as emblematic of the Super Mario series as any of the other highly recognizable side characters, such as Toad or Yoshi. Boo serves as the main ghost enemy of the Super Mario series and is a playable character in many other Mario games. He’s been portrayed quite differently in every game he’s appeared in.

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The levels that will be presented are the most fun levels to play as the lovable ghosts or King Boo were present. These levels are not only some of the most enjoyable Boo levels but also some of the best in the Super Mario series.


10/10 King Boo Down Below – Super Mario Sunshine

King Boo Down below is the fifth level in the Serena Beach area of ​​Super Mario Sunshine. It’s a level highly hated by the Super Mario Sunshine sprint community as the level is a boss battle largely revolving around a random number generator. What that means is that in order to defeat the boss, players must get lucky with red pepper eggs.

For the majority of players who don’t run fast, the boss is a lot of fun and this is one of the best renditions of King Boo as he looks happy and hungry throughout the fight.

9/10 Go On A Ghost Hunt – Super Mario 64

Go On A Ghost Hunt is the first level in Super Mario 64 where players go to Big Boo’s Manor. Big Boo’s Manor is a haunted house themed area where players have to perform various missions that include facing Boo’s enemies. The first level is one of the best because it feels like a real ghost hunt.

Players will need to search around the map and try to kill all the Boos in order to unlock the star of the area. It’s a great way to introduce the area and get players to explore different rooms.

8/10 Luigi and the Haunted Mansion – Super Mario Galaxy

Luigi’s and the Haunted Mansion in Super Mario Galaxy offers a lot of neat game mechanics and a few different ways to interact with Boos. Boos in this map will die if they hit the light, so they will act as obstacles but can be dealt with in a puzzle-like structure if players figure out how to deliver Boos to the light.

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Mario also gains a Boo transformation that looks like a Boo with a giant Mario face. It’s one of the smarter transformations but it allows Mario to get into areas with bars that he wouldn’t be able to without them.

7/10 Soda Labyrinth – Any Labyrinth – New Super Mario Bros. U

Made Super Mario Bros. The new U has a maze-like structure the way it presented the ghost house level in Soda Jungle Who-Way Labyrinth. The player starts in an area with 5 different doors and they must be able to navigate through the house which is full of different types of Boo enemies as well as different traps.

The level boos work similarly to those in previous games but Mario has a golden lamp Yoshi who can eat any of the Boos that get too close if Mario is looking at them.

6/10 World 2: Castle – Super Mario Bros. 3

Super Mario Bros.3 is iconic for Boo as this was the first game that featured Boo’s enemies. The design in this game is actually one of the more threatening than the ones that were in some future games. Well, when they chase players. During the chase, they will show their sharp teeth and rush towards Mario.

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If Mario makes direct contact with the Boos by looking at them, they will wear a great pout that makes the player feel bad for the little killer ghosts.

5/10 Pumpkin Zone: Level 2 – Super Mario Land 2: 6 Gold Coins

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins had an entire area inside a pumpkin-like pumpkin when the player entered it on the island. The second level is where things get really cool as you’ll make the player travel through a cemetery-like area and when the player goes underground they’ll start facing Boos.

It is a well-designed level that gives the player a feeling of exploring the crypts of the Mario world. The Boos in this map seem less threatening, but it’s a nice addition to the way they decided to make the level.

4/10 Beam in the Dark – 3D Super Mario World

If anyone has ever dreamed of becoming a light that can kill ghosts, this level is for them. This level is actually for everyone but turning the player into a light item is a laughable but fun experience. Beam in the Dark in Super Mario 3D World will have the player trying to target different ghosts with light while initially on a moving platform.

The level then adds some areas of the maze and increases the difficulty of the next moving platform parts. It will make players go back and forth quickly trying not to fall off the platform and kill enough ghosts to survive.

3/10 Donut Ghost House – Super Mario World

The way the game introduces the player to Donut Ghost Hole in Super Mario World is enough to cause the player to have slight chills. Yoshi drops the player in front of a creepy house that says “Ghost House” on a sign above the door that opens by itself.

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There are areas offered by the house that will try to confuse Mario with the number of Boos that appear on the screen and try to go after Mario. The player will need to manage all the different ghosts and puzzles while also trying to figure out the best possible direction to go.

2/10 Kyro Seas – Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars is not like any of the other Super Mario games on this list because this game is more like an RPG than a platform game. Much like the other Boo levels, Kero Sewers presents the structure of a labyrinth the way it should be completed. There are a lot of different ways players can get lost.

The level also offers Boos in the sewer instead of the Haunted House location where it basically tends to be. The design is also really neat as Boo will have the usual Boo face and then distort it to make Boo’s face scary.

1/10 World 2: Haunted House – New Super Mario Bros.2

The giant Boo that appears in The Haunted House in World 2 of New Super Mario Bros.2 is more terrifying than any other iterations of Boo. It legitimately looks like something out of a horror movie, but instead it’s in Super Mario as he slowly approaches Mario with his sunken gaze.

It is not one of the most difficult levels in the game but the slow chase and level that constantly introduces other Boos that the player must avoid keeps him always on his toes trying to make sure he doesn’t get killed by anyone. enemies.

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