Ubisoft’s “Project U” footage leaked online before it was revealed

Information about a new game in development from Ubisoft has leaked online. The game is called “Project U” and will offer a kind of online co-op experience. Game screenshots were shared in the Gaming Leaks and Rumors subreddit after the company’s gameplay test. At this time, the game appears to be in a very early development stage, and Ubisoft was hoping to receive feedback on its efforts. Information about the game was first shared by Reddit user Just4leaks2, who said it doesn’t look like a battle royale game, and Ubisoft is still not sure yet if it will be free.

The original Reddit post can be found over here. While some Project U videos have been removed, others are still available online. For a game in an early stage of development, the graphics are pretty cool! The game’s executive producer is Damien Kieken, its producer is Karl Luhe, while Carmen Carballo works as a concept artist. Some have suggested that Ubisoft may be less likely to do these types of gameplay tests in the future after seeing these footage leaked, but others have also said this may help the publisher get more feedback than they would otherwise have.

It is unclear if these leaks will have any kind of impact on the final match. The snippet that Just4leaks2 shared isn’t much, and a lot can change during the game’s development cycle. Ubisoft tends to let some games cook longer than others, especially if things don’t work out. games like skull and bones And the Beyond Good and Evil 2 It experienced a number of delays and reboots as Ubisoft continues to work behind the scenes.

For now, Ubisoft fans will have to wait patiently to see what’s coming out of Project U! However, given how early the game’s development is, it may be a while before we learn anything official.

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