Lupita Nyong’o Just Shared 10 Movies Jordan Peele Asked To Watch In Preparation For Us, Now I Have Plans For A Spooky Season

If you’re looking for movies to watch next Halloween, Jordan Peele may fulfill your craving. We already know that when Jordan Peele made the scary movie we, He was inspired by his fear of doppelgängers. However, the Oscar-winning director had other sources of inspiration. we Star Lupita Nyong’o shared what movies Peele asked her to watch to prepare for her role, and now our Halloween watchlist is complete.

Every horror movie director needs inspiration to draw from, and why not allow yourself to be inspired by the best horror movie classics? Lupita Nyong’o, who played a woman named Adelaide on vacation with her family, only to be confronted by doppelgängers, shared, Instagram A video clip of the 10 films, Jordan Peele asked her to watch to prepare for the role.

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