The end of Halloween has the best original Michael Myers cameo so far

Originally HalloweenNick Castle did the majority of scenes as a convincing Michael Myers, mainly so he could watch how movies are made from an actual set. What was supposed to be just a way to gain insight into filmmaking ended up defining the character’s physicality for years to come, as director David Gordon Green Castle brought back for cameos in his movie. Halloween Triple. The castle is back again to look great in The end of HalloweenWhich is arguably the actor’s best entry to date. The end of Halloween In theaters now, Peacock hits October 14th.

Warning: light end-of-Halloween spoilers below

In present-day Haddonfield, Illinois, Allyson (Andi Matichak) and Corey (Rohan Campbell) are trying to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve by going to a local Halloween party. While they are there, they encounter a number of different parties, including Nick Castle wearing a raincoat. When he bumps into Cory, he opens his trench coat to show he’s wearing a body suit covered in human anatomy, while Cory also asks, “Do you see anything you like?”

Given that the castle is an icon within Halloween Society, it is such a pleasure to see his face on screen after all these years. In addition, his dialogue piece is a reference to the original text Halloweenbecause that’s what PJ Soles’ Linda says to who she thinks is her boyfriend Bob, but is actually Michael Myers undercover.

Castle’s first return to the franchise in 40 years came in 2018 Halloween, in which his veil was like the masked Michael Myers. This movie saw the actor merely display the familiar head tilt, while James Judd Courtney filmed the majority of Myers’ remaining scenes. in Halloween killsCastle was a cameo like a disguised Myers because he was in a dark closet, and the audience saw him only through drone footage. This scene ended up being cut from the final version of the movie, with the veil instead being just a deleted scene in the home video version.

Despite playing a ruthless killer over 40 years ago, you can watch Castle play a comedic role in The end of Halloween It is sure to please old fans of the franchise.

The end of Halloween In theaters now, Peacock hits October 14th.

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