Yellowstone Brickell 1923 to cast the role of former James Bond actor

The Yellowstone The franchise is returning to the pre-well this winter. After the release of the acclaimed limited series 1883 last year, Paramount + Takes franchise into the twentieth century with 1923. The new series follows another generation of Duttons in written family history, although this group will already be on the Yellowstone farm. Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren lead the show’s crew, and now 007 previously joined the lineup.

On Thursday, it was announced that Timothy Dalton will join the cast 1923, plays a “outrageous” rich man named Donald Whitfield. There is no information yet on the number of episodes 1923 Dalton’s character will appear.

Dalton was the fourth actor to play James Bond on screen, starring in two 007 films from 1987 to 1989. He also stars in HBO Max’s Doom Patrol series.

Who plays in the 1923 Yellowstone Prequel Championship?

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren take the lead roles in 1923. Ford plays Jacob Dutton, brother of James Dutton, the character of Tim McGraw 1883. Mirren plays Jacob’s wife and family member Kara Dutton.

James Badge Dale also joined the cast of the show, along with Darren Mann, Robert Patrick, Jennifer Eli, Jerome Flynn, Michelle Randolph, Marley Shelton, Brian Geraghty, Amina Nevis, Sebastian Roche, and Julia Schleifer.

When is the 1923 show?

Specific release date for 1923 It hasn’t been announced yet, but Paramount revealed that it will debut in December 2022 on Paramount+. The series will follow a weekly release schedule, much like 1883 last year.

Yellowstone It quickly became one of the largest properties on Paramount’s list, and the company is clearly working on everything the franchise has been established by Taylor Sheridan. In addition to the arrival of 1923, there will be a secondary part of the prequel that already exists 1883, which even tells the story of Bass Reeves. which is long overdue 6666 The spinoff also serves as an intro of sorts, and has been ported from Paramount+ to the Paramount Network.

YellowstoneThe record-breaking performance demonstrates that we’ve tapped into a cultural nerve and unleashed a passionate audience from the center of the country to both coasts, said Chris McCarthy, President and CEO of ViacomCBS Media Networks. “Kevin Costner leads our amazing cast of duttons America’s favorite family, and this new season is sure to be one more person fans won’t want to miss.”


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