Bill Murray faces one sexual complaint and a wave of criticism from Rob Schneider, Seth Green and others this week

Bill Murray has been at the center of a number of important stories over the past week. He made headlines after the comedian Rob Schneider claimed he “hated” the ’90s SNL spitEspecially Chris Farley. Around the same time, the 72-year-old actor was called up by Seth Green for a situation that allegedly happened as a child. In addition to these and other criticisms, Murray also finds himself on the receiving end of a sexual assault complaint. Regarding the aforementioned grievance, a new report also claims that the star had to pay some money.

Back in April, it was reported being deadlyAnd the Aziz Ansari’s directorial debut has been closed The production due to an investigation included cast member Bill Murray. Specific details about the matter were not initially shared, but someone was said to have filed a complaint against Murray for allegedly engaging in “inappropriate behaviour”. Murray later stated that he had a “difference of opinion” with one of the crew members.

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