Scramble reveals new trailer, release window

Trigun: Stampede is set to bring back the Human Cyclone next year, and with a new iteration of Vash giving us a younger gunslinger, a new trailer has been dropped confirming the return of some of the main characters while also giving anime fans an idea of ​​when the series will arrive in 2023. While the The series has yet to confirm whether it will be a prequel or an all-new story set in the world of Vash the Stampede, there are countless anime fans eager to return to this beloved franchise.

In the new trailer, the series not only confirmed that it would arrive in January next year, but also confirmed a major comeback in Wolfwood, the character who carries a giant cross while also giving anime fans what might be an average tragic death scene. With studio ORANGE from monsters And the Godzilla: Single Point Inventor Yoshihiro Naito, while making a human typhoon return, confirmed his involvement. Besides Wolfwood, the series has confirmed that the regular series Meryl Stryfe will also be a part of the new anime, although much like Vash, she has a completely different look than what we’ve seen before and doesn’t have Milly by her side this time, from what we’ve seen so far.

the official Trigun: Stampede A Twitter account shared a new trailer that gives fans a more in-depth look at the upcoming series, not only to confirm the return of some of the key players from the franchise but will also use computer-generated animations to take us back into the world. Gunslinger with a giant bounty hanging over his head:

Earlier this year, several of the creators behind the upcoming series took the opportunity to discuss the new show on Vash and the company, with director Kenji Muto stating the following at this year’s Anime Expo:

“Instead of just tracing the original manga that started 27 years ago, we wanted to define what it means to create this work as a piece of entertainment in this day and age, I’ve talked over and over. In the distant future, a spacecraft lands on an unexplored planet called No Man’s Land. It reminds us of the West. The ancient American, the inhabitants of No Man’s Land, who are immigrants from the land, are creating a new free world where countless numbers of cultures and religions coexist, armed in their hands.”

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