Steam Hit Vampire Survivors Unveils New Game Mode

Vampire survivorsThe most popular game on Steam Deck and a hit on Steam itself, is getting a new mode. Developer poncle shared the first details about this new experience this week and described it as an “inverse” mode that can be accessed via a new relic set that can be added as the game exits Early Access and gets a 1.0 release. The developer said that this reverse mode would be a “properly hard mode”, and from the way it was described, that seems to be true.

Reverse mode will be available thanks to the remnants of the Gracia mirror that will be added in the same update. By using that and participating in the reverse mode, you will find, among other things, that all the stages are turned upside down which should be a challenge for those who have mastered the ins and outs Vampire survivors this dimension.

The inverted phases are just part of the trick, as Bunkel described other changes in the effect.

“It’s not just a visual novelty, as it also boosts gold gains and enemy health by 200%,” said the developer. “Furthermore, enemies get stronger over time, which makes this a convenient difficult situation. This makes a place like the Overturned Bone Region an absolute nightmare.”

However, it’s not just about difficulty improvements. Besides the additional gold winnings, the trader will offer an “expanded stock” among other benefits.

The developer continued, “To compensate for the huge rise in difficulty, the merchant will have an expanded inventory and will be happy to sell you more Skips, Banishes, Rerolls, and an additional ARCANA.” “Buying it will increase the maximum amount of Arcanas you can carry with one.”

This amounts to quite a few interesting mods, but if you’re not that big of an inverting effect, it could be a negation of what could be an intriguing situation. The developer has already thought about this, it seems, and will also allow players to turn off the inverted visuals so that you can enjoy the hard mode on its own.


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