Top 10 Xbox Achievements

Regardless of whether you try it or not, if you play any Xbox game, you are likely to earn some achievements in it. It can be as easy as completing a level, defeating a boss, or collecting a certain number of items. Although when you complete a game, do you ever think about the achievements you didn’t unlock?

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For any achievement hunter out there, it always hurts when it’s so hard to get. It may be because you have to do some obscure task or because it can no longer be achieved. If you think you can get some of the ones on this list, you are welcome to try.


10/10 Cloudberry Kingdom “Tricks!”

Let’s start by taking a look at an almost impossible level in the kingdom of Cloudberry. “Tricks!” The achievement made you complete level 320. Now, just because it looks easy doesn’t mean it is. Not only do you have to beat levels 1-319 just to get there, but the level itself is every platformer’s worst nightmare.

At level 320, your screen is constantly filled with obstacles and dangers that can kill you. The level itself is long, so you have to bear all that to complete the level. Earning this achievement is a great advantage for anyone who has ever played this game.

9/10 Dead Rising movie “7 Day Survivor”

Dead Rising has always been a classic zombie game. Although some of the game achievements may require multiple gameplays, this achievement made you play in the game’s ‘infinity mode’. The achievement of “7 Day Survivor” is not something that should be taken lightly as it requires strategic planning and patience.

In infinity mode, your health will be depleted within 20 minutes, given that you do no harm, and the nutrients will not multiply. You will have to be lucky by finding them from zombies or psychics that you defeat. Oh, and you have to survive 17 hours in the game with saving disabled. Go get it, champ!

8/10 Gears Of War 4 “Seriously 4.0”

Accomplishing Gears of War 4 “Seriously 4.0” requires willpower and determination. It may or may not require you to be a super being whose body doesn’t need sleep, but that has yet to be confirmed. In order to get this achievement, you will have to 100% of the entire game from top to bottom.

You need to complete the game on insane difficulty level, prestige 10 times in multiplayer mode, put in each single ranked game mode, level up each Horde Mode class to the maximum level, level any five Horde skills up to the fifth level, complete all Horde mode maps, Get all the multiplayer tapes.

7/10 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter “Team Champion (Multiplayer)”

If this next feels impossible, it’s basically because it is. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter has an achievement that requires you to be the best among the online multiplayer. How good do you have to be to achieve? Literally The Better.

Accomplishing “Team Champion (Multiplayer)” requires you to take first place on the multiplayer leaderboard. Now, when the game debuted in 2006, there may have been a struggle, but the hope was still there. In 2022, with servers offline, there’s no way to get that feat.

6/10 Tribute to the chimpanzee “Choice of Animals”

This next feat is just as cruel because it stops you from getting it if you get it wrong once. Hail to the Chimp’s “Choose Animals” achievement requires players to beat the game without losing the primary. Usually if you end up losing, you’ll start over, right? Well, this next part is what makes the feat so brutal.

If you lose a key even once, this applies not only to the save but to your entire profile. This means that you can only achieve the achievement again if you create a new account. Talk about injustice.

5/10 Persona 4 “C’est Magnifique!”

Character “C’est Magnifique!” In Persona 4 Arena it doesn’t seem hard to get it at face value. In order to get it, you have to complete the Score Attack mode with all the characters in the game. However, the game mode itself is difficult to complete with just one fighter.

The Score Attack mode puts the difficulty in Hell mode (which wins this title), cancels match interruptions that prevent you from withdrawing, and opponents are already in their Unlimited state, giving them great power. Completing this with each character will surely be a challenge for any hardcore fighting games player.

4/10 ‘energy’ lasts

If you’re afraid of horror games, Outlast “Energiser” achievement might be harder for you. Not only is it hard to get, but it will require pure muscle memory because the vast majority of it will be in the dark. So, it makes the already terrifying game even more terrifying.

You have to complete the game with insane difficulty, the more you use the camera, the faster the battery drains. Not only that, but you also can’t refill your energy. You are left to rely on your quick wits and previous gameplay skills if you want to earn this achievement. Outlast was already one of the best stealth games out there, but now you have to be even more stealthy.

3/10 Trackmania Turbo “End of the Road?”

What kind of list would it be if we didn’t have at least one racing game here? End of the road for the Trackmania Turbo? Achievement is not only boring but also frustrating. In order to get it, you must get a gold medal in each racetrack.

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As simple as it may sound, some of these races are downright brutal, especially the Black Series tracks. It is almost impossible to get a gold medal on these tracks the first time, so you have to play it constantly in order to master your time. Talk about putting the pedal on the metal.

2/10 Rock Band 2 “Blader of Steel”

For a game all about music, it may come as a surprise to some that Rock Band 2 made this list. The “Bladder of Steel” achievement is very fitting to its name. This time, you have to complete the endless playlist without completely failing a single song and without pausing the game. Attention, there are a total of 84 songs in the playlist.

You can’t have any broken bathroom, you can’t leave your console, and no distractions whatsoever. If one song fails, you have to start over. So yes! No pressure.

1/10 Mega Man 10 “Mr. perfect”

Mega Man 10 is the most challenging and disturbing game in the entire series. Completing the game itself is not an easy job, so imagine making that ten times more difficult. In order to obtain “Mr. A great achievement, you have to go through the whole game without taking any damage.

However, it is not entirely impossible. In order to get it, you have to learn several styles and ways of attacking through each level that prevent you from getting hit. Fit, as this will take you some time.

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