WWE Raw’s Rey Mysterio is now an official part of SmackDown, taking home the Intercontinental Title Shot

It looks like WWE SmackDown has a major new addition to the roster, as the Monday Night Raw star has just officially joined Blue Brand. Earlier in the night, fans saw Raw star Rey Mysterio meet Triple H, telling him he’s going to have to leave WWE. He said he loves WWE but with everything going on with his son, he can’t do that anymore, and he won’t fight it. Triple H convinced him to talk a little, and they found a solution, as it was later revealed that Rey was an official part of SmackDown, and it didn’t take long for him to get a chance at the title.

Triple H asked him to consider options other than quitting, and Ray decided to listen. They’ll reveal the solution when it’s time for a Fatal 4-Way Intercontinental Number 1 match, which was supposed to include Ricochet, Sheamus, Karrion Kross and Solo Sikoa, but plans for the squad were changed when the episode began.

That’s because Kross was in some sort of car crash in the parking lot, and Drew McIntyre delivered an extra punch to add even more pain to the unfortunate situation. Security had to pull him away, but the damage was done, so Kroos was unable to compete in the match.

When it came time for Kross to make his Rey Music entry instead, he would replace Kross in the match for the title shot. Then later during the match, Michael Cole revealed that Rey had officially become a part of SmackDown by Triple H, a solution they had come up with earlier in the show.

At one point, it looked as if Ricochet was going to take the win and another shot at the once-earned title, but Rey was able to fire an amazing counter-kick and keep Ricochet, hanging him up and winning the chance to face G√ľnther at the Intercontinental Championship. underline. Where that match will take place is anyone’s guess, although Survivor Series is coming up, and this is a hell of a match for an excellent live event, so that would be my guess.

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