Andor Showrunner teases Episode 7 that will be different from the rest of the series

The sixth episode of the program Andor“The Eye” was released on Disney+ earlier this week and is touted by Star Wars fans as one of the franchise’s best TV episodes. Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) and the band of Rebels he collaborated with in an earlier episode finally get ahead in their plans to rob an imperial garrison. Now that the job is complete, the season will likely lead to its third arc. However, presenter Tony Gilroy has joked that the upcoming seventh episode will stand on its own.

while talking with Empire movie podcast (Across p/ StarWarsLeaksGilroy described episode 7 as “very interesting” and revealed that episodes 8-10 will be the season’s third arc while episodes 11 and 12 will be the final arc. On the subreddit, many fans are speculating what Episode VII could be, whether it’s a flashback episode or an Empire-focused episode. If you have any theories, let us know in the comments!

I was Andor Renewed for a second season?

Andor It takes place five years before the events Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Two seasons have already been confirmed and the second season is expected to go into production soon. Gilroy, who also co-wrote rogue one She has no plans to direct any episodes. Benjamin Caron, Toby Haynes, and Susannah White are credited with directing the episodes in the first season, and it feels like yellow jackets Alum, Ariel Kleiman, will touch on a part of the second season.

“I’m not [directing in season two]. I do not print. This post is very huge. I don’t have time to save it. Gilroy explained that it was really a poor use of my time The Hollywood Reporter. “Ari Kleiman is outside in Pinewood. We started filming in November. Preparation started three weeks ago. He got his hands on there just to get into November. There was some fantasy that I would eventually do another block, but I just can’t, to be honest with you” .

He added, “So the directors who attended were all fantastic, and they’re really ambitious. They’re really greedy. You need to re-terror when it’s time to direct. When someone else comes in and says, ‘Man, I want to make this cool.” I want to make it even better, ‘It’s really sexy. So I can say I don’t go out. I’ll be here [in Pinewood]But I don’t go out.”

Andor New episodes on Disney+ on Wednesdays.


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