Best non-legendary psychic in the series

In Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow, the psychological type Rule. Of course, it still exists, but it’s not that scary these days. Since the first generation, Game Freak has greatly expanded the three genres that keep Psychic Pokémon in check. that’s it an insectAnd the darkAnd the Ghost types.

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Does this mean that Pokemon’s psyche is bad now? of course not! Psychological Pokémon generally have high special attack skills and unique abilities. In terms of offense, Psychic hits the most common types of neutral damage. It’s also the primary combat counter, which is cool. Fighting types are everywhere, and they can be intimidating. Players looking to balance their squad with the Pokémon psyche should start looking for those, the most powerful (non-legendary) in the series!


10/10 Medisham

Medicham’s dual combat/psychological type gives her some good coverage against the dark type, and his Pure Power ability effectively doubles her attack stats. It’s a rare example of a good psychophysical attacker. However, its relatively poor overall stats, including its average speed and disappointing size, hold it back from the competition.

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With moves like high jump kick And the butt zainMedicham can take full advantage of the same type of attack bonus (STAB) to deal some big damage. Back in the days of mega-evolution, Medicham’s second form gave the extra boost of speed and attack power she needed to be a dominant threat in the meta game.

9/10 Bronzong

Bronzong is a psychic/steel type with admittedly mediocre stats, including poor base speed stats. However, her good defensive stats coupled with her excellent defensive writing give her the longevity she needs to survive most situations. Psychic and Steel team up with the ability to fly, covering nearly every genre defensively. In fact, Bronzong has only one weak point: type of fire.

When equipped with some moving facilities ghost rock And the toxicBronzong became a respectable wall. It’s put off by its slow speed and lower-than-average base HP stats, but it’s still a useful Pokémon to maintain a team.

8/10 Gardevoir

Gardevoir’s unique psychic/fairy writing gives him a useful edge over dark-type Pokémon. It also has access to some odd but useful movements and two great tracking and sync capabilities. Trace is arguably the better of the two – it copies the ability of the opposing Pokémon, which can lead to some interesting situations.

Gardevoir can also access this move trick, which exchanges retained items. This can be used to swap something like picking a scarf on an opponent, and locking them up in one move. Unfortunately, Gardevoir’s slow speed means it can be difficult to take full advantage of the Trick. Alternatively, Gardevoir can be run moon explosionAnd the PsychologicalAnd the Focus BurstAnd the shadow ball Great coverage in all respects.

7/10 Reunique

Reuniclus is an interesting Pokemon. It’s a tiny little thing, covered in jelly, that uses psychic powers to control its massive arms. But do not be deceived by her kindness; He has the ability to become an intimidating wall in competitive play.

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Reuniclus has average basic defense and special defense stats, but high HP and an outstanding special attack. It also has some great capabilities – it can be hard to choose between Magic Guard and Regenerator. And with moves like SaychokAnd the Focus BurstAnd the calm mindThere’s no sagging in the damage department either. Unfortunately, his slow speed and lack of a second type makes him vulnerable to swipes.

As we discussed with Bronzong, Psychic/Steel is a very solid combination. Metagross is perhaps the first Psychic/Steel genre. He’s good all around, with outstanding offensive and defensive stats. It is slow, but this is common for steels. Metagross makes up for its slowness by accumulating large amounts over time.

Metagross can be used cosmic force To strengthen each of his defenses by one stage, and comfort To restore HP. Not only that, he has access to combat movement body pressure, which uses its refined defensive stat to calculate damage, rather than counting its attack. It’s a very fun moving set. However, Metagross is still susceptible to counters from Fire and Ground type movements, especially while at rest.

5/10 Hatrin

Hatterene is introduced in Pokémon Sword & Shield, another psychic/fantasy genre. As we discussed with Gardevoir, this is a powerful combination that covers the dark type, although it leaves it open to Poison type attacks. Her Magic Bounce ability protects her from status effects such as poison and paralysis. This gives Hatterene some extra time to further improve the very high special attack state calm mind.

Once it’s set up, Hatterene has good cover options in the attack section for moves like Psychological And the inner fire. Its biggest drawback is its very poor speed, although it can make up for that somewhat by using drain kiss to heal.

4/10 eczema

Alakazam is a classic Pokemon. It was one of the most powerful Pokemon of the first generation, and it’s still a fairly strong threat. Don’t use tricks or tricks – instead relying on her extreme speed and naturally high special attack stats to quickly KO opponents.

With Magic Guard, Alakazam can ignore situations and entry risks. It can then be set up with bad plot or calm mind Before moving to his wreck shop PsychologicalAnd the shadow ballor even Focus Burst. Players may consider arming Alakazam with the Focus Mantle. Alakazam has a very small fraction and is susceptible to one-hit KOs. The focus sash ensures that he will have at least one turn to prepare before he begins to sweep.

3/10 slobro

Slowbro is another classic Pokemon of the first generation that still features prominently in the meta today. She has strong HP and Defense stats, and a very good Water/Psychic double defense typing. What sets it apart from others is its access to the Regenerator ability, as well as mobility teleport. This gives him the ability to switch in and out easily, taking physical strikes while restoring his HP.

Slowbro also has access to some really good STAB moves, including burn And the a future vision. He can even use one of the best redeeming moves in the game, Slack off, to reinforce its position as a physical wall. Its main drawback, of course, is its slow speed. But who needs speed when you can take hits and recover like a champ?

2/10 Galarian Slowking

The Galarian Slowking is great for all the same reasons as the Slowbro, but it has a few key differences that set it apart. For starters, the watercolor has been replaced by Poison, giving it a solid answer to the dominant Fairy-type Pokémon. Second, he replaces Slowbro’s premium defense with the special, making it a special wall. Third and finally, it has a broader transfer tool with more interesting coverage options.

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Galarian Slowking Can Surprise Shared Counters flamethrower or ice rayClose the fairies with sludge bombor exhaust the opponents Psychological. And just like regular Slowbro, it gets this powerful blend of renovator And the Slack off. It’s a well covered wall – what more could one want?

1/10 Wobbuffet

Wobbuffet is the closest thing to our Broken Pokemon. In competitive play, Wobbuffet is Not allowed Because it is very broken. It can eliminate almost any pokemon. Here’s how. Wobbuffet’s Shadow Tag ability prevents her opponents from switching, trapping them. Files can then be used Encore To trap enemies in the same movement. If this is a harmful step, Wobbuffet will likely take it.

At 190, she has one of the highest base HP stats in the series. Then it can be used count React double damage to physical attacks, or mirror coat for special attacks. If that fails, Wobbuffet can be used bond of destiny to take his opponent with her. It basically allows trainers to select one of their opponent’s Pokémon and simply remove it from battle. Its psychological writing is indeed episodic to its greatness, but it is still the best non-legendary psychological genre in the series.

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