Best box office flops, from ‘West Side Story’ to ‘Fight Club’

October 2022 October 2022 has been a notable month for notable box office bombs, from director Billy Eichner’s “Bros” to the star-studded David O. Russell. A poor box office does not reflect the quality of the film. Martin Scorsese has recently gone viral due to the industry’s obsession with box office numbers and judging films based on the strength of their opening weekend earnings.

“Since the ’80s, there’s been a focus on numbers. It’s kind of sickening,” Scorsese said at the New York Film Festival. “The cost of the film is one thing. Understand that a movie costs a certain amount, and they at least expect a refund… The focus is now on the numbers, the cost, the opening weekend, how much it was made in the US, how much it was made in England, how much it was made in Asia, how much it was made in the whole world, how many viewers it got. . As a filmmaker, and as someone who cannot imagine life without cinema, I always find it really insulting.”

Edgar Wright was another major director this month to take a stand against the box office rating, telling fans during the BBC Maestro cycle, “A three-day weekend isn’t the end of any movie’s story. People shouldn’t buy into that idea. Rating movies by Their box office is like a football fan of movies. Most of my favorite films that are today’s classics were not considered successful in their time.”

Scorsese and Wright have a point, as many of the most critically acclaimed films of the century began with box office failures. Whether it’s “Children of Men,” “Mr.” or “Under the Skin,” it’s becoming abundantly clear that you can’t judge a movie by the box office. diverse It offers a selection of the blockbuster blockbusters in the list below.

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