Godzilla takes on Evangelion in an epic crossover trailer

This wouldn’t be the first time the King of Monsters has battled against Nerf’s greatest weapon, though this new trailer for the clash between Godzilla And the Neon Genesis Evangelion Adds some new wilderness elements in the main intersection. The new trailer comes ahead of the release of a new pachinko machine, departing from the original crossover developed by Universal Studios Japan that saw Shinji and his friends compete for Shin Godzilla, along with a new shot of King Ghidorah, Imagine the Three-Headed Dragon with Shin transformation.

As previously mentioned, Godzilla and Eva units entered the war in a 4-D attraction that was housed in Universal Studios Japan, allowing park-goers to experience the gigantic battle that had yet to make its way into the anime and/or live-action world. Within the Shin universe, the creator of both Evangelion and Shin Godzilla, Hideaki Anno, recently expanded the world by introducing Shin Ultraman as a new movie, while also working on Shin Kamen Rider for its future release. With all of these Shane characters appearing on a poster imagining them side-by-side, fans were wondering if Anno was building a giant crossover that would see these new visualizations on Evangelion, Godzilla, Ultraman, and Kamen Rider head-butting.

Twitter Outlet Kaiju News Outlet Share the new trailer for Evangelion / Godzilla Crossover, who not only sees the Lizard King and Eva Unit 01 staring at King Ghidorah but sees a wild fusion that occurs when the King of Monsters fuses with the famous mechanism that emerged from the mind of creator Hideaki Anu:

the future of both Neon Genesis Evangelion And the Shane Godzilla No one is guessing at this point, with the final movie of Rebuild Evangelion Thus, the new story ends after NERV, and the Lizard King Shane does not announce any plans to return after his initial movie. Western version of King of the Monsters is set to come back thanks to the next Godzilla vs. Kong A sequel is currently in production from Legendary Pictures, along with Apple’s upcoming live-action film series.

Do you think we’ll be watching a live-action movie that pits the Lizard King against Nerf? Feel free to tell us in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comics, anime, and the Shin world.


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