Godzilla x Evangelion event reveals that the chain is connected

When it comes to big monsters, there is no industry that does it better than animation. Over the decades, all kinds of strange monsters have appeared on the screen. Of course, there are few series that have done kaiju better than Neon Genesis Evangelion so far, and it now appears that a new crossover has tied the franchise to King of Monsters.

Yes that’s right. Evangelion and Godzilla seem to have more in common than we thought. The two series may seem out of the world, but a special crossover event says the pair are closely related.

Two beasts, one world

The whole thing came to light this week when Godzilla challenged Evangelion to battle. After all, the combo is about to come out at the pachinko crossover in Japan, and crossover ads are starting to drop. One of his recent teasers goes so far as to suggest that the world of Evangelion is the same one that welcomed Godzilla ages ago. So if you have this cross on your bingo card, congratulations!

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“Once upon a time, Godzilla destroyed the Earth,” the teaser admits. “It’s been some time since then.”

Of course, a lot of time would have passed between the arrival of Godzilla and the disaster that unfolded in Evangelion. His angels are far from Kaiju Godzilla’s friends, after all. Not to mention the high-tech Eva’s suits in the anime because it would have made Godzilla swing his head around. But as it turns out, well – Godzilla’s early arrival helped Earth in other Kaiju operations. His appearance seems to have pushed the Eva units to completion, but even with all that preparation, the Evangelion Angels are another breed of savagery.

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