Andor is a huge asset for Rogue One fans

Star Wars: Andor It’s now in the middle of season 1, with episode 6, “The Eye” being a high point for the series in terms of critical reviews and viewer reaction. At this point, it’s safe to say that while Andor may not be a global win in terms of delighting Star Wars fans, it’s already a huge win for Star Wars fans who loved Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the first-ever film. Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) joins the franchise, unleashing a new path in a type of Star Wars story never seen on screen before.

Much has been achieved about the winding road to the production of Rogue One. The main release was supposed to be on Lucasfilm’s new “Star Wars Story” standalone blockbuster, each of which would focus on stories and/or characters outside of the main Skywalker family line, and would leave much of the Jedi/Sith lore, to focus on other areas of the franchise not yet You focus a lot on movies. One fan promoted the instant hype for being the story of how the Rebel Alliance acquired the plots of the Death Star—a pivotal plot detail for the original Star Wars movie, A New Hope.


However, up-and-coming director Gareth Edwards clashed badly with Lucasfilm—so much so that the studio replaced Edwards with Tony Gilroy (Michael Clayton), who reshot large parts of the film and put them together without ever being credited. The controversy over the Rogue One version that Gareth Edwards wanted to make might never end, but there are plenty of fans out there who were very happy with the version of the movie Gilroy put together. In fact, even now, six years after its release in 2016, Rogue One tops the list of Star Wars films for quite a few fans.

It has also been divided by Show Nation Comic BookTony Gilroy is a signature filmmaker—which, as we mentioned, struck a chord in Star Wars fans. Andor It is nothing short of Lucasfilm’s embrace of what Gilroy has brought rogue one and letting him do more of it over the course of two seasons of long-running TV shows. Films written and/or directed by Tony Gilroy (Bourne Legacy, Bourne Supremacy, Bourne Ultimatum, Michael ClaytonThey all looked to worlds and social systems bent on moral ambiguity (covert operations, corporate law), where morally gray characters have to grapple with the cost of making their choices.

in rouge one, this objective core was effective in showing why a group of characters (who lived a rough life) came together to undertake a suicide mission that would ultimately be of great benefit. In Andor, this same thematic focus is expanded to examine how Cassian Andor (and many others who cross his path) must balance morals and choices to decide their place (sheep, rebels, or willing imperialists) in a time of fascism and oppression.

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for star Wars Fans who loved rogue oneThis is an ongoing exploration of something more rooted and closely related to it star Wars: Ordinary people (the kind without strength and light swords) who have to find the courage to stand up against oppression – often at a greater cost than heroes who become legends. Tony Gilroy’s other proven talent (tension and white movement) also made episodes Andor “The Eye” represented some of the best-watched Star Wars on the edge of your seat since the heyday of A New Hope.

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