FBI Reveals Missy Peregrine Returns With Fun Video, But Is Maggie Ready For Action?

FBI Fans who have been waiting since spring Watch Messi Peregrine as Agent Maggie Bell Soon rewarded! The actress will be returning to the hit CBS drama in a few weeks, and the cast celebrated the good news with a fun video. But while Peregrym’s return to the group seems like it was a lot of fun for FBI Team, details about the first episode’s debut suggest that Maggie may not be 100% ready for the action-packed action as usual.

Missy Peregrym returns to FBI With a new episode on Tuesday, November 15 at 8 p.m. ET, it’s called Ready or Not. the video that Instagram account to FBIThe publication does not give plot details, but all the actors are smiling and cheering in welcoming Peregrym’s return. take a look:

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