Kim Kardashian makes scary and unusual plans for Kris Jenner’s bones

TThere was a particularly unusual revelation in the last episode of Kardashianswith Kris Jenner saying both renal And the Kaylee who – which Kim kardashian She wanted to make jewelry out of her bones.

When Kris Jenner Went for hip replacement surgery, Kim kardashian I asked the doctor to keep the bones for this unusual project.

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Kim I asked the doctor to save my bones for her so that she could make jewelry out of them.” Chris Tell renal And the Kaylee in the episode.

unsurprisingly, renal And the Kaylee It was quite reactive.

“It’s weird” Kaylee He said.

Kris Jenner’s plan to make necklaces out of ashes

then, renal Other plan details Kris Jenner Already identified for her ashes.

“Remember when you wanted to cremate your bodies and make your ashes our necklaces? That’s weird too,” she said.

In the episode, the Kardashians all agreed that they talk quite frankly about these kinds of topics and about what to do if someone goes into a coma or dies.

They also appear to be discussing wills openly, and planning for the future.


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