Marvel’s Ironheart gets a major upgrade – and codename SUPERILLAIN

Riri Williams/Iron Hart has become a major player on the Marvel scene, especially as she made her cinematic debut later this year in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. From there, Riri is gearing up to headline her Disney+ exclusive TV series, which is sure to get fans even more excited to explore her comedic tenure. The recently released Marvel Comics edition added a new chapter to this legacy in an unexpected way, seeing Riri step into the mantle of a mysterious Marvel villain — but for good reason. spoilers for Iron Man #24 From Christopher Cantwell, Angel Unzueta, Frank Dharmata, and Joe Caramanja below! Just see if you want to know!

The case dealt with the fallout from Tony and Rody’s battle against Source Control, which turned into a new set of bets with the return of Cobalt Man on the last page of the previous edition. As the events of issue #24 reveal, the Cobalt Man was actually Riri, who was in a similar plan to Tony’s – he was undercover to try to buy back The Mandarin’s Ten Rings before they fell into the wrong hands. The rest of the case saw Tony, Riri, and Rudy debate where the ten episodes should end, before Riri finally convinces Tony to let her hold on to her, because she believes she can save the world with them.

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Who is the cobalt man from Marvel?

Originally created by Roy Thomas and Werner Roth in 1967 X-Men 31, Ralph Roberts/Cobalt Man is initially a scientist studying his terracotta minerals, which leads him to build an Iron Man-like suit he hopes to give to the military. Due to a concussion he suffered before he even tried on the suit, Ralph became obsessed with hurting Iron Man, but was prevented from doing so by the X-Men. He then obtained deadly radiation powers, joined forces with the Evil Envoys, and fought against the Hulk on several occasions.

In 2004, it was revealed that Tony Stark had briefly impersonated the Cobalt Man to try to sneak up on lightning, during an adventure set in the 1980s. Then Ralph himself dies in the New Warriors explosion that caused the start of the Civil War, impersonating Scroll and many other non-Scroll imitators. He recently fought the Mercs for money, and later released them on a prison break.

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