Attack on Titan musical highlights cast

The attack on the Giants It’s had live shows before, with the dark anime franchise even receiving two films in Japan that tell a completely different story than the series that emerged from Hajime Isayama’s mind. Shockingly, it has been announced that production will begin for Attack on Titan Musical, with performances set for January 2023, and while many may be trying to get around how such a musical might exist, the production has revealed a fresh look at its cast of characters.

While the Attack on Titan manga ended several years ago, ending the scouts’ journey and their battle against both Marley and Eren Jaeger, MAPPA will release the final episodes of the anime adaptation next year. While Hajime Isayama has left open the possibility of new stories taking place in the anime world, thanks to the director’s cut in the final chapter, the mangaka has yet to confirm that a sequel or spin-off will be released in the future.

Sing Me A Tune, Eren Jaeger

An upcoming production has released a new poster that combines the live version of the Survey Team, promising a familiar story with a very different iteration of how the lines are delivered by heroes and villains alike:

(Photo: Hajime Isayama)

Cast members so far confirmed for production are Kurumu Okiya as Eren Jaeger, Sarah Tatsuki as Mikasa, Ito Konishi as Armin, Yu Fukuzawa as Jean, Kazuaki Yasuo as Marco, Tomoya Nakanishi as Kony, and Sena as Sasha, Mitsuo Murata as Hannes, Takeshi Hayashino as Keith, Masanori Tomita as Dimo, Mimi Maihane as Carla, Mitsuru Karahashi as Grisha, Riona Tatemichi as Hange, Ryo Matsua as Levi, Takuro Ohno as Captain Erwin.

If you didn’t get the chance to catch the first trailer for this new wilderness musical, you can watch it below, although unfortunately it doesn’t contain any of the songs that the Scouting Regiment, or perhaps even the Titans, would be on. singing:

Do you really want to see this The attack on the Giants North American musical hit of the future? Do you think this could become popular enough to cover the entire dark anime franchise? Feel free to tell us in the comments or hit me up live on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comedy, anime, and the Scouting Regiment world.

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