Jon Bass Wants His Villain She-Hulk So He Can Get An Amazing Marvel Character (Exclusive)

In honor of the end She-Hulk: Attorney at LawAnd the Had the opportunity to chat with the many people who helped bring the series to life on Disney+. One of those people was John Bass, who played Todd AKA HulkKing, the man responsible for the website Intelligencia dedicated to bringing down Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk (Tatiana Maslany). While chatting with Bass, the actor revealed some of the hottest fan theories he’s ever read and his thoughts on fans’ reactions to his character. He also talked about Todd’s future and revealed that he could see him dating Titania, another opponent of Jane played by Jamila Jamil.

“You know, Todd is a billionaire. He has a lot of money. Billionaires don’t stay in prison long. So they’re gone there. And let’s just get a handful of superhero blood. Like, um, he can earn a little cocktail…and just kind of have an injection.” , and see what happens. That, or he just started dating Titania for social influence,” Bass shared.

Was Jamila Jamil injured in a group Strong woman?

Where something mortal For the first time, Jamil shared some fun behind-the-scenes content on social media, and she recently set the record straight regarding an injury on set. In the Strong woman premiere, she said with glee Entertainment Weekly They “pulled a muscle into a hole **.” “Since everyone is obsessed with how to tighten the muscle in my butt (the pit?). That last harmless kick here. Unexpected and inconsequential minor injuries I never had to joke about out loud. On a red carpet. At the premiere in The world. As an adult. Enough now. 💪🏽😂 Beautiful books.

Jamil explained in a recent interview with ScreenRant. “I guess she almost doesn’t need to use her power; she can just piss you off to death. And I think that’s a superpower we haven’t really used enough of. She’s also very charming. I like the fact that she’s a bit curvy, and I like the fact that she’s completely unconscious. She’s unconscious. Totally conscious and so, very strange. We’ll see.”

Will Strong woman Get season 2?

Currently, Strong woman It wasn’t renewed for a second season, but Marvel Studios was in no hurry to spotlight Disney+ follow-ups. Currently only loki A second season has been confirmed. However, the final Marvel teaser for Strong woman She did not refer to the episode as the “season finale,” which is hope. ComicBook.comGina Anderson recently wrote a compelling argument in favor of Season 2, which you can read here. During an interview with model Jessica Gao‘s phase zeroaddressed the possibility of the second season.

“I feel like this should be how people who have children feel,” Zhao said. “This is how my favorite kids describe when they have their first baby and then everyone’s like, ‘Are you going to have another baby?’ And they’re like, I just gave birth. I’m in labor in labor. I just gave birth. I’m still on the hospital bed. Give me a second.” And that’s how I feel now.”

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