Star Wars actor Mark Hamill sent 500 army of drones to fight in Ukraine against Russia

IF Luke Skywalker He has already chosen himself as a side, perhaps this means that Russia can be considered official Empire. Mark Hamill One of the most loved actors in Hollywood is not only a great actor but also remains very active in political issues around the world. The most worrying situation now is the war between Russia and UkraineHamill himself deeply involved himself in it.

As it turns out, the actor has been sending out drones for months to help Ukraine balance the scales a bit Russia in this conflict. Hamill revealed his participation in a program known as “Drone armywhich is operated by fundraising platform in Ukraine, United 24‘s. Hamill recently showed an interview on “Sound On” on Bloomberg Radio with host Joe Mathieu. Provide more details about the program and how important this reason is to Hamill.

Zelensky appoints Mark Hamill as ambassador for the Drone Army

because of his activity, hamel reveal that boss Volodymyr Zelensky He was already appointed as an ambassador for the initiative. This is what Hamill explained: “Quite simply: Ukraine He needs drones. They determine the outcome of war, they protect their land, their people, they watch borders, their eyes are in the sky. I was really shocked that they give me these updates at least two or three times a week about what’s going on and they said they got more 500 drones Since I started this.

“In this long time and Unequal fightUkraine needs continuous additional support. This is why I was honored President Zelensky He asked me to become an ambassador for the Drone Army. I know for sure that Ukrainians need drones to protect their land, their freedom and the values ​​of the entire democratic world. Now is the best time for everyone to come together and help Ukraine Stand in this war with the Evil Empire.”

Among all the different fronts that Mark Hamill He participated all his life, and this is certainly the most important. Taking his life as a sci-fi hero and making it real with this must be very exciting and a little scary. president Russian President Vladimir Putin Already Hamill should be on his blacklist and no longer welcome in Russia. That is, until the conflict ends and put it in He steps down from his position of power, of course.


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