Steam Hit Vampire Survivors gets 1.0 update, patch notes revealed

Vampire survivors Fans have just received a massive new update. Vampire survivors Version 1.0 is now available on Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC, adding new skins, a new weapon, a new event stage, Twitch integration, and more. There are also some new modes to unlock, including infinite mode and reverse mode. All this new content should be exciting news for current players, and those who haven’t played in a while. Full patch notes from the game Official Page On Steam they can be found below:

new content

– 3 achievements to fix existing unlocks: Complete any 30-minute stage with Gallo or Divano. [Unlocks: Bracelet]
Discover every standard evolution and union. [Unlocks: Candybox]Twist the bracelet and then the double bracelet. [Unlocks: 500 gold]

– 4 new achievements:

  • Look for all the relics from all stages. [Unlocks stage: Eudaimonia M.]
  • Get a Gracia Mirror. [Unlocks: Inverse Mode]
  • Get the seventh trumpet. [Unlocks: Endless Mode]
  • Watch the final fireworks. [Unlocks: Greatest Jubilee]

– New event stage
– 1 new weapon

– New skins for: Pugnala, Giovanna, Poppea, Concetta and Mask of the Red Death.
– New “Side B” soundtrack. Each track opens from side B with the stage to which it belongs.
– New option for “explosion treated” sound effects.

– Added missing tracks for Il Molise (and Boss Rash in 0.11.400)
– 11 languages ​​added: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese.
– Twitch integration added: Chat makes decisions for you and leads to special events. Enable options by typing the name of the chat, no need to log in or do anything weird.

reverse mode

– The layout of the stages is inverted (can be disabled in the options) with slight visual changes depending on the stage. Gold gain increased by 200%. 20% luck bonus.
– Enemies start with +200% max health.
– Enemies gain max 5% health every minute and 1% movement speed every 2 minutes (cumulative with bone area bonuses). – Dealer also sells: Skip, Banish, Reroll (can hold up to 20) and 1 extra arcana.

endless mode

The reaper will not spawn at the last moment.
– Reaching the last minute of the stage will make enemy waves resume from minute 0, completing a “cycle”.
– Enemies gain 100% of their max basic health per turn. – Enemies spawn rate and amount increases by 50% each turn.
Enemies deal 25% more damage per turn. The maximum damage to a player is reduced by 1 per turn.
– The dealer reappears in each spin and sells “+1 Revival” instead of Golden Eggs.

Achievement modifications:

– Character achievements low level requirement (access to LV 100 is now LV80, access to LV99 is now LV50)
– Mindbender now unlocks in 50 combos instead of 100 items


– New user interface to show the effects available in each stage
– New UI to show cleared stages for each character (plus the option to turn it off)
– New UI option to lock music track selection so that it continues between sessions – Each rating in Banish and Reroll now gives 2 of them instead of 1.
– Capturing Orologion also slows down the decay of gold fever by 50%
– Lightning Ring and Thunderloop are now affected by Arcana II – Twilight Requiem – The bracelet is now affected by Arcana XIV – Jail of Crystal. The dual bracelet is also influenced by the Arcana II – Twilight Requiem. Tri-Bracelet is also affected by Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire
Decreased Sketamari’s ability to recover HP when absorbing other skeletons.
– Increase earning experience points in the first minutes of the dairy factory. – Increased amount of base gold in treasure chests.
– The ‘Recovery’ law now also affects the effectiveness of healthy recovery processes.
– Arcana II – Twilight Requiem’s ​​blast damage is now cursed. – “Quick Start” is now available with the five main stages unlocked.
– Limit all limit-breaking bonuses beyond what might be (this one in particular is very open to suggestions in case it makes sense to increase some caps)

Vampire survivors It was launched on Steam at the end of 2021 and quickly found a huge audience. After version 1.0 was released, Developer Poncle Games quipped that it was “likely” to start developing something new. However, support Vampire survivors It will also continue, at least as long as the audience continues to enjoy it. The developer said that “entirely new features” are part of the game’s future plans as well as quality of life improvements. So far, Vampire survivors Fans will have to wait and see what the team has in store next!

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