Toynk celebrates the 37th anniversary of the Golden Girls with new releases

Never been more beloved than Golden Girls, a show that has continued to gain more fans thanks to its timeless characters and sharp wit, the series is now celebrating its 37th anniversary. Tony celebrates this achievement with several new exclusive collectibles, from coffee mugs and ramen bowls to miniature ceramic face garnishes, and you can check out each new release up close starting with the next slide. These new releases are just a few of Toynk’s full Golden Girls lineup, and You can find all Toynk’s Golden Girls products are here! You can also find the official descriptions of each of the items below.

Toynk Exclusive Golden Girls Mini Ceramic Face Planters

Sophia Mini Ceramic Facial Implant Machines (SVB-GOL512EH-C)
Blanche Face Mini Ceramic Facial Apparatus (SVB-GOL646EH-C)
Dorothy Weiss Mini Ceramic Facial Implant Machine (SVB-GOL467EH-C)

Debuting in the fall of 2021, the Sophia Ceramic Mini Planter with Faux Succulent has gone viral and sold out in no time! Her boyfriends Dorothy and Blanche have now arrived. Golden Girls are stylish icons that will tell you that it is necessary to decorate your space with a unique d├ęcor. Each mini planter is made of high-quality ceramic coated to match the Golden Girl designer after him. Including Sophia’s signature glasses, Dorothy’s made to look like a succulent, synthetic plastic factory has a natural looking design. Inspire the design of your home with these exclusive Golden Girls mini planters.

Girls Gold Ceramic Carved Sophia Coffee Mug (SVB-GOL5123D-C)

Channel the Sophia Petrillo in you from The Golden Girls with this exclusive 20-ounce coffee mug. You will enjoy a round of laughs with the most fearless nanny around. Sophia is ready to greet your morning with a sarcastic comment or two, reimagined here in this gorgeous ceramic sculpture of her face complete with signature curly hair and glasses. Relive Shady Pines over a warm drink and a piece of cheesecake. While you’re at it, take some friendly advice from Sophia: don’t waste time thinking about whether the glass is half empty or half full – just drink it all!

Stay Golden Ramen Platter With Chopsticks (SVB-GOLD525KD-C)

Enjoy your favorite comfort food with your best friends. The Golden Girls will lift your spirits with this collectible ramen dinnerware set inspired by the classic 80s sitcom. Stylized face portraits of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia appear above the “Stay Golden” text.

Enjoy nearly 20 ounces of all your favorite noodles with this BPA-free ceramic ramen bowl that includes a pair of tropical wooden chopsticks. Bowl features cut-out notches to rest chopsticks.

You can check out all the new releases starting with the next slide, and you can talk to me all about the Golden Girls on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

Sophia Petrillo sculpted ceramic mug

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Dorothy Weiss Small Ceramic Planter

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Small ceramic planter from Blanche Face

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Small ceramic planter from Sophia Face

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Ramen Noodle Bowl

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