Jonathan Majors recently explained why he wanted to play Dennis Rodman in his next movie

Jonathan Majors has been doing really well lately. In addition to sending the internet frenzy about his ripped body, the actor has landed multiple roles, including that of Kang the Conqueror in the MCU. As one of Hollywood’s most prominent rising men, Majors now has a selection of parts to choose from. But one of his last choices may surprise his fans as he may be gearing up to play NBA legend Dennis Rodman in an upcoming autobiography. As he looks forward to the role, he sways Third Creed The star explained why he “selfishly” wanted to play the legendary force forward.

The The hardest they fell The star is said to be preparing to play the controversial player in the movie 48 hours in Vegas. Jonathan Majors has proven in a short period of time that he can inhabit any character he plays. But the MCU star is fascinated by Broadman and his life. diverse catch up Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania An actor on the red carpet at the Academy Gala, where he explained what drove him to play the famous NBA character:

His personality as a man is unruly. What is it to be free? To make your choices, regardless of the impending consequences? It’s what he likes to explore the most. It is selective. It is an open mind. It is an open heart. And selfishly, you want to play a role like that, because it will push you to that place. Jesse Brown teaches me things about my soul and my soul. I know Rodman will too, and I’m looking forward to getting involved with it.

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