Is Kyle Schwarber drunk? Watch a foul ball from every angle (video)

Junior World Championship 2016 He struck a deep fly ball that was barely on the wrong side of the rotten pillar. Had Schwarber’s fly ball been fair, it would have reduced the Astros’ advantage to just 5-3 overnight after Phillies beat a separate five-game deficit.

Another angle shows that the ball went to the right of the offending pole.

Phillies Slugger Kyle Schwarber barely missed a home race

Kyle Schwarber just missed a home run on the next court as well, as he fired a deep fly into the right field that Kyle Tucker eventually caught.

Sometimes, it’s not just your night.

For Phils, winning one game in Houston to split the series is an impressive enough feat. They are allowed to return to Citizens Bank Park for what amounts to a home in hopes of gaining a decisive advantage before they have to return to Houston.

As fun as it would have been for baseball fans to see Houston teetering over the brink once again, Philadelphia accomplished their first goal—the Homefield advantage switch.

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