Predict when the Lakers will win their first win of the year

The Lakers are the only team that hasn’t won any NBA games. When will they get their first W of the year?

Yes, maybe it’s time to panic, Los Angeles Lakers fans. The Lakers 0-5 are the only team in the NBA without a win. On Saturday night, the Sacramento Kings managed to defeat the Miami Heat, in the process claiming their first win, leaving their California-based team to be the last team to not win an NBA.

This is a bad look for the Lakers with a LeBron-shaped time clock. James averages 25.8 points per game, but that’s not enough to get her done.

There is a lot that the Lakers need to discover, but they simply need to put one foot in front of the other and start piling up some wins. So when will that first step come?

Here’s when to predict the Lakers’ first win of the year

Next, the Los Angeles Lakers will get the Denver Nuggets on Sunday night. They didn’t win that match, the Nuggets 4-2 and they are the second best 3-point shooting team this year. Then they have swans on Wednesday. The Lakers can win, they are only 3-2. But the Pelicans average the third-most points per game in the league.

It’s likely the Utah Jazz, who will face the Lakers next Friday. The Jazz are an impressive 5-2 so far, but they have a 10-worst field goal percentage and a team that scores halfway.

Furthermore, the Jazz allows for the fifth most offensive rebounds in a match and the second largest offensive rebounds in each match. The Lakers are a terrible shooting team right now, but that also means that more second-chance points will be ready to grab if the Lakers settle on the boards. The Jazz looks like a team against which the effort can be rewarded in this regard.

As important as the first win is, they will obviously have to go 0-6 or maybe even 0-7 before getting it.

At this point, replace Russell Westbrook with whatever you can.

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