Boys star Jack Quaid and Karl Urban Sheer killer costumes for Halloween

There is a lot of bloodshed on Prime Video boysBut stars Jack Quaid and Karl Urban took to social media last night to share a picture of themselves in Halloween costumes that give heroes and boys a run for their collective cash. While Alex from orange orange, who takes on his iconic appearance, does not have a large body count, he is a very sadistic and antisocial bastard. On the other hand, Quaid was wearing Jason Voorhees’ hockey jumpsuit and mask. This is the guy who’s going to give Homelander some trouble, if only because it’ll be fun watching Anthony Starr break down emotionally as the killer keeps coming back after each subsequent death.

Let’s be honest: Couples fashion is a high-risk, high-reward project. But these two pull it off, if only because they’re so charming and it’s so cool to think of Butcher and Wee Heggy choosing to take a Halloween selfie together.

And to add to the fun, the Scream Official Instagram photos of the films featured in the comments, “Killer Costume!” joke.

You can see the picture below.

boys Season 4 is set to introduce two additional new groups to its already extensive roster of improved individuals. Amazon Prime Video recently revealed the first looks at Firecracker and Sister Sage. Orange is the new black Superstar Susan Hayward will bring Sister Sage to life tickValorie Curry matches the character of Firecracker. Each of these personalized costumes was designed by boys Fashion designer Laura Jean Shannon, veteran of the comic book business such as Iron ManAnd the black lightingAnd the titansAnd the Doom Patrol.

It looks like Season 4, which is currently in production, will also bring back a familiar face that fans think is gone forever (spoilers), so it’s sure to be a wild season as we’ve seen so far.

… well, maybe not as such Wild. It’s hard to imagine anyone would top “Herogasm”.


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