Miles Garrett Bengals takes the flip side with this epic Halloween costume

With the Cleveland Browns preparing to host the Cincinnati Bengals for Halloween/Monday Night Football, Miles Jarrett did not fail to disappoint his costume selection.

It’s no secret that Cleveland Browns defensive end Miles Garrett is a fan of Halloween, and every year he dresses up; It does not disappoint.

Few will forget the reaper outfit Garrett rocked before the team finally fell to the Steelers that day. However, this year’s fashion choice against the Cincinnati Bengals is quite exciting and will undoubtedly remain in the minds of Bengals fans.

Cleveland Browns defensive end Miles Jarrett appeared until Monday football with a bound squad to intimidate the Cincinnati Bengals.

Yeesh, this guy is already terrifying enough when it comes to overtaking offensive navigators and sacking two backers, but does he enter the field like that? Does he have a deal with ghosts to help him out in his Halloween costume? One can only ask.

Garrett has every reason to feel confident. With Joe Burrow as the Bengals’ starter, the Browns never lost against them. However, Cincinnati is the reigning Asian Champion, despite his fight with Ja’Marr Chase out of the game. But this does not affect the outfit.

Garrett is terrifying off the field and in the field. The outfit doesn’t lie nor its stats. Despite his 2-5 start to the season, Jarrett scored six sacks and two forced fuss. If he plays as well as his uniform, it could be a tough night for Boro and his friends.

As an added bonus, the colors of both Cincinnati and Cleveland make this rivalry even more fun. Orange, black, white and brown. Four colors represent the true spirit of Halloween, and what better teams to compete in prime-time at All Hallow’s Eve? This should become a tradition, as does Miles Garrett and his Halloween costumes.

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