Pedro Munhos on Aljamain Sterling vs. TJ Dillashaw, O’Malley Ranking

Pedro Munhos on Aljamain Sterling, TJ Dillashaw, Sean O’Malley and more bantamweight talking points.

Coconut Creek, Florida – Shortly after UFC 280, FanSided claimed ninth place bantamideweight Pedro Munhos. The UFC title contender had some thoughts on injury injury TJ Dillashaw, remaining champ Aljamain Sterling, Sean O’Malley vs. Peter Yan judging, and O’Malley’s rise from No. 11 to UFC’s No. 1 contender overnight.

Speaking about sparring at the American Top Team, Munhoz talks candidly about the division he’s fighting in and how he sees some of the biggest talking points at £135 from an inside perspective.

Pedro Munhos thought Peter Yan did enough to beat Sean O’Malley, but only ‘a little bit’

“It was definitely a close fight,” Munhos told FanSided when asked about who scored the fight for. “When I watched the fight, I immediately thought Peter won, like a slight win, but I can also see why the judges awarded that to Sean O’Malley.”

“[O’Malley] He wasn’t the one doing more damage, but I think he scored more significant hits. “Peter Jan, you know, has kind of more pressure, kind of wrestling, takedowns, and all of that,” Munhaus said. “But I was a little surprised when I saw Sean O’Malley shoot for a takedown and he was successful. I got Peter’s back. It was definitely a close fight.”

Pedro Munhos says Sean O’Malley’s #1 ranking is “exciting” for the bantam weight division.

After his win, O’Malley climbed from No. 11 candidate to No. 1 in the division, but not everyone was happy with the rise.

Munhos is not one of those people.

“Now he is number one. He gets [fight] On the title,” Munhos said. “It’s very exciting for the bantamweight division, you know, having a fighter coming up, a star I’d say. [with] Lots of followers, he seems to have got a lot of fans. I think it does the marketing very well, the way they sell cars and colored hair. I think I came from an earlier generation.”

Pedro Munhos thinks he was “brave” than TJ Dillashaw to fight the wounded

During the fight with Sterling, it was revealed that Dilacho had an injury that significantly prevented him from performing at a high level. That injury, a dislocated shoulder, eventually halted the fight in the second round. Many were upset that Dilashaw fought the battle with such a debilitating injury, that Dilashaw even apologized for disrupting the division.

“He was very brave of him,” Munhos said. “You know, going into the fight with this injury. I feel so unfortunate that something like this happened in training camp. I fought and my feet broke and it was the same… at the end of the day, whatever decision a fighter makes has to be [thinks] It makes more sense, and if the decision is destined to take a fight, so be it.”

Pedro Munhos thinks Jamin Sterling deserves respect

Fans often criticize Sterling, for his controversial first fight with Jan and now another controversial victory. But Munhos believes fans need to show the respect they deserve.

“Yes, he defeated Peter Jan in his last fight before TJ. Just for himself, he shows that the guy is a good, very strategic, very smart and a good fighter,” Munhaus said.

Next steps for Pedro Munhos

Munoz updated FanSided on his trip to the octagon after a devastating eye poke in July.

“Immediately [I’m] Just here in the gym, getting ready and training,” he said. “I always try to learn, and be a better fighter. In a way, it’s like feeling ready for a good opportunity that’s out there right now. I think now, at this point in my career before I fight anyone, like two to three times, four times a year it wouldn’t be, but now I see that between fights I like to take more time to recover, go back to training and then spend Totally fun time. two months for [get] ready to fight. With that, now I’m just training, helping my training partners prepare for battles and also trying to learn every day and looking forward to being there in March [next] general.”

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