Zac Efron and his new physique gain acclaim from the WWE Hall of Famer ahead of his wrestling resume

A wrestling resume isn’t exactly the norm in Hollywood at this point, but that seems to be changing, with at least two notable features in the way focusing on the big names from the world of professional wrestling. There is a Hulk Hogan movie by Chris Hemsworth, which he put a special effort into Refine his arm musclesAnd there’s the Zac Efron & Co. drama. that will focus on The legendary family of athletes Von Erich. Perhaps it is not surprising that a file High School Musical The vet was busy doing some recovery on his own, and his body impressed the WWE Hall of Famer he portrayed in the movie, Kevin von Erich.

iron claw It will tell the inspiring and tragic story of the rise of the Von Erich clan in the world of sports-entertainment, and the massive impact they’ve had on professional wrestling across the board, from regional clothing to big brands like WWE (then – WWF). While Kevin von Erich has been largely absent from this world for years, save for occasional appearances and the Family Hall of Fame, he shared some positive thoughts with TMZ On Efron’s intense appearance, as well as how challenging he thought the project would be for the cast, he said:

You know, it’s going to be a tough job, I think. It’s a lot of information, a lot of time, and hard work ahead. But I saw a picture of the man. It looked great. I don’t think I’ve looked like this before. So I think they’d be great.

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