HBO’s Last of Us release date leaked

HBO’s the last of us A TV show starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey is set to air on HBO Max on January 15, new details have suggested. While HBO hasn’t officially announced a release date for the show, the supposed release date has passed and appeared early in HBO’s marketing of the show. With that date now, it is likely that the full release date of the series will be revealed soon.

Several anecdotes shared online indicated that the HBO app was showing a January 15 release date for the last of usAnd after taking a quick look at the app ourselves, we can verify that it actually says so. Searching for the offer reveals a result The last of us: Season 1 Sneak Peek” which has a description that chronicles that history.

“Preview of a post-apocalyptic drama series based on the critically acclaimed video game. Premieres January 15,” says the overview.

That’s what the app says, but if you look at it Location for the last of usHBO is still saying that the show will simply release sometime in 2023.

If the release date is planned for this week or soon after, it might be revealed too the last of us Fans are once again looking at the show via a teaser or an entire trailer. We’ve already seen some looks of Pascal playing Joel and Ramsey playing Ellie, and outside of those official previews of the last of usWe’ve seen leaked images hinting at key moments from the first game as well.

However, there will be some changes made in adapting the game to TV. We’ve already seen evidence of some of those things like the new setting that was announced when HBO confirmed that two characters, Henry and Sam, have been cast. This new setup occupied by hunters will be accompanied by a brand new character as well, which he plays Yellow Vests star Melanie Lenski.

Keep in mind that January 15th is the release date the last of us Unless otherwise specified by HBO in the next couple of days or weeks, hopefully this release date will continue the last of us Fans can get their show sooner rather than later.


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