On Friday, the 13th Prequel series landed at Peacock for reasons that will make horror fans happy

Friday the 13th It is a beloved horror franchise spanning over 12 films, and the original film is considered one of the best horror films of all time. It centers around notorious hockey mask-wearing villain Jason Voorhees, who stalks Camp Crystal Lake, unleashing a series of mass murders. Now, Jason is entering the small screen of the prequel series heading to Peacock. The show will be titled crystal lake It will be directed by Brian Fuller, who created series such as Hannibal And the dead like me. There are many reasons for horror fans to be excited, but they should be inflated specifically about how Peacock is able to carry out Fuller’s vision.

Bryan Fuller revealed everything he could about what’s to come for Friday prequel during an interview with Fangoria. He talked in great detail about how much freedom Peacock gives him and his team while crafting the show. He even talked about the budget crystal lake was given. He said:

One of the very exciting things and one of the many reasons we went with the Peacock was that they blew every other competitor out of the water. There was a bidding war on this, and they came in strong and made us a season-long commitment with a big penalty if we didn’t do a second season. So it’s kind of a two season commitment (laughs), but really just a season one commitment. We’ll have nearly five times the budget per episode that we had on Hannibal.

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