Forza Horizon 5 reveals the next major update

Forza Horizon 5 Players can expect some big improvements to the PC version of the game starting November 8th. On that day, the Donut Media Series update will give gamers the option to enable NVIDIA DLSS Super Resolution or AMD FSR 2. The former is only available for gamers with NVIDIA RTX graphics cards, although the latter is available for gamers with all PC graphics cards. The game will also introduce new ray tracing improvements thanks to two new settings. The game’s current medium and high ray tracing settings will work as before, exclusively in Forzavista. However, the new Ultra and Extreme options will see ray tracing work in races, photo mode, and free roaming.

“Promote your Forza Horizon 5 Framerates on PC while increasing image quality by enabling Ultra HD NVIDIA DLSS or AMD FSR 2. These resolution upgrade features come in the Donut Media Series update available for download from the Microsoft Store and Steam on Tuesday, November 8,” Read the game’s website. In addition, we are strengthening DirectX Raytracing Execute on PC with two new presets: Ultra And the Intense, which offers realistic reflections of the player’s car in Free Roam and Races, as well as realistic Drivatar reflections in Photo Mode. Ray tracing is also available in Forzavista as before.”

Developer Playground Games recommends the extreme ray tracing option for those using the “ideal” specs on a PC, rather than the minimum or recommended. The game’s website also states that the team “has nothing to share today” regarding DLSS 3.0. This seems to indicate a possible announcement in the future, but fans will have to wait patiently until then. naturally, Forza Horizon 5 It was already graphically impressive at first, but these new updates should be very exciting for those who play on PC!

Forza Horizon 5 Available now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S and PC. Readers can check out all of our previous coverage of the game here.

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