Loki almost wore the iconic Marvel costume in the Disney+ series

It’s become kind of a joke that if a character from the MCU made their way from the big screen to Disney+ they would finish it off in a brand new outfit before any feature film. It happened in The Hawk and the Winter SoldierAnd the WandaVisionAnd the hookand it happened in loki To some extent. A man with a string of iconic looks throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we now know that Tom Hiddleston’s god of corruption nearly appeared on his Disney+ TV series wearing one of his fan-favorite comedy outfits. As we saw in the last book edition, Marvel Studios Loki: The Art of the SeriesConcept art revealed from early in the show’s development that his iconic “Agent of Asgard” look was originally his last costume in Season 1.

“This was a design for our farewell to Loki,” illustrator Wesley Burt said of the visual development concept. “His suit was eventually due to change. He’s grown up and changed, and is more at peace at this point. He’d be leaving for some of his own adventures in a different world, and so some of the designs included a bit of a TVA costume he’s been wearing all season—like a copy custom from him – and then some were based on different Lokis from different comics. Like enlightened Loki, who does yoga, or something. I also liked the idea that he’s arrogant too – so a few of them had a half-coat feel and double belts and straps and things on the jacket “.


It should be noted that due to the nature of loki TV series, we didn’t get a few different character looks in season one. Not only have many costumes come back from the original MCU movies but we’ve got Loki in his prison uniform, TVA outfit, and more. There’s also the question of variants, as the different Loki versions give us Classic Loki, Kid Loki, President Loki, and Alligator Loki. All that in mind, Asgard Agent Loki could do well in the series’ second season (which is now being filmed).

Is Henry Cavill in Loki season 2?

One of the biggest rumors emerging in the upcoming season of Loki is that Man of Steel star Henry Cavill will make his MCU debut, potentially emerging as a character that could be considered a middle finger for DC and Warner Bros. Despite rumors and speculation that he might appear as Hyperion, Cavill squashed these rumors himself, saying, “As far as I know, I won’t be in Loki...it would be hard to deal with it at this point…if James Jean can do it, maybe I can too. “

season 2 of loki It will premiere on Disney+ in the summer of 2023. If you haven’t checked out Disney+ yet and want to try it out, You can do it here.

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