3 Free Goals from Astros agents to help them replicate as world champions

Carlos Rodon has to be one of the best free agent agents targeting the Houston Astros this season. (Photo by Theron W. Henderson/Getty Images)

The Houston Astros won the 2022 World Championships and will look to repeat in 2023.

The next step for the Houston Astros after winning the 2022 World Championships is to celebrate. Once the champagne stops flowing, the front office can turn their attention to the free agency where they will have some big decisions to make.

The Astros defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in six after previously swept the Seattle Mariners and New York Yankees. It was a great run for a talented team. They will still need to be reloaded this winter.

Searching for a defense of ownership, the Astros can start the journey by looking at the three Free Agent goals.

1) Target of the Astros-Free Worker: Carlos Rodon

Yes, keeping Justin Verlander is a good idea. But how long will that last? He is growing up. The Astros should start getting younger.

Switching to Carlos Rodon as Justin Verlander’s replacement would be a smart move for Houston. They can move forward with him on the list and look to establish themselves as a breed even more.

Rodon is a pull-out candidate who finished off a solid season with the San Francisco Giants as he was an All-Star for the second year in a row. Since he’s been signed to a “Proof It” deal with San Francisco and has done more than prove himself, everyone should prepare for him to hit the free agent market and potentially get the highest contract of anyone in total value.

The Astros must be a threat to steal a lot of premium players from the free agency. Inking Rodon, even with Verlander losing, is a powerful move to help them retain their place at the top of the MLS and possibly beyond.

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